“Maddy has been instrumental in helping me organize, analyze, and work through the unique challenges that having ADHD presents. She is an advocate of getting me to learn how to overcome the day-to-day obstacles that arise in the course of living with ADHD, but is never afraid to support me with resources or her own thoughts when I request them. If an ADHD coach is supposed to make it easier for us to find a path forward towards the future that we want for ourselves, I can’t think of a better example than Maddy.”
-Rio Rivera-Young

“Maddy has a a very keen insight and awareness into the quiet struggle people diagnosed with ADHD face everyday. Her coaching style is personal, friendly and effective; focusing on identifying and moving towards individualized achievable goals through discussion and humor. She understands these struggles very well, recognizing that ADHD is not a disability, but, in reality, a “SuperPower” which, through proper counseling and coaching, can be understood, shared, and utilized; ultimately opening multiple avenues of creativity which had been previously unrecognized or ignored. She has a unique ability to listen (not lecture!) and together, come up with ideas and strategies which unlock the incredible potential of someone with ADHD.  I strongly encourage anyone who has received an ADHD diagnosis to meet and talk with Maddy; ADHD is a gift, and Maddy’s coaching style will definitely unlock that Superpower!”
-Chip; Retired Naval Officer, Pilot, Rancher, Author, and recently Diagnosed with ADHD

“Best Mom ever! And Coach- am I saying that right? Coach?- Best mom and coach ever! ” -Tarly if he could talk.
“What’s coaching? Whatever, I love her. And you. Why aren’t you petting me?”- Podrick, probably.