Mental Health Counseling

I offer Individual, couple, and family therapy through Grant Park Counseling Group as a a pre-licensed therapist until my licensure paperwork is approved. Once it is, I will become an associate licensed counselor in the state of Georgia.

Due to licensure laws, I can only offer therapy services to individuals living in the state of Georgia. If you live outside of Georgia, I can only offer you ADHD Life Coaching services.

Therapy sessions can work very similarly to ADHD Life Coaching, but the ethical scope of practice is much larger. In therapy sessions, we can still do ADHD Life Coaching, as coaching is a part of mental health counseling. While there are certifications for ADHD Life Coaching, which I have, Life Coaching is not, at this time, a licensed profession like Mental Health Counseling.

What would therapy sessions look like?

Therapy sessions would be 50-minutes long. We could meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on your needs. I do believe that starting the process with weekly sessions is the most beneficial as we can more quickly build and foster a positive therapeutic alliance. The first session or two would be me asking a lot of questions about you, your life, what’s causing distress, what your strengths are, and coming up with some goals for therapy. After this initial phase, I will give you the opportunity to tell me what has been going on in your life since our previous session- if you’ve done any homework as provided, what’s come up, etc. Much like how I operate with coaching, you are in the drivers seat for your therapy sessions and I am sitting next to you to help guide you towards your goals.

What sorts of things do you help people with in therapy?

It may come as no surprise that I specialize working with a lot of individuals who are experiencing ADHD symptoms. I also work with individuals who are experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress, overwhelm, are going through difficult life transitions, experience low self-esteem, feel stuck, and have blurred boundaries.

What kind of therapy do you do?

I can provide individual, couples, and family therapy both virtually or in person. The sessions are 50-minutes long. Not to get to jargon-y, but I operate from a social constructionist viewpoint. What that means is I believe that you are the expert in your own life, and will work collaboratively with you to help you reach your therapy goals. This kind of therapy also highlights what behaviors and beliefs have been influenced by forces larger than us- society and culture. That’s not to say that we just blame everything on society and take no responsibility for our actions and life. Of course we can’t do that. This kind of therapy empowers the client to re-write their own narrative, fosters self-awareness, and provides space to brainstorm solutions to problems. There is no one right or wrong way to live your life, so I want to meet you where you’re at currently, honor what is important to you, and help you grow to live the life you want.

What does it cost?

Each 50 minute session costs $130. I do offer a sliding scale based on income, which can be discussed during your consultation. I am also able to accept HSA cards, and can provide a superbill for insurances for possible reimbursement as an out of network provider.