I’m Taking a Break

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I am taking a break from my monthly blog due to my schedule becoming too overwhelming. As a coach and intern level mental health counselor, it is important for us to practice what we preach across the board. That means making time for self-care, acknowledging … Continue reading I’m Taking a Break

I Should…

“I should do this...” “This is what X should look like…” “I’m doing X so I should…” Should, should, should… not the most helpful of words. I know, I know, sometimes we just use it in place of “I need to”, “I get to”, “I want to”, or “I have to” when it’s something we … Continue reading I Should…

Focus on the Positives

There’s a lot of negative assumptions out there about ADHD/ADD. I think people get bogged down on the fact that it’s a lifelong condition, can require drugs, has a name that’s so long that it’s abbreviated, and is misunderstood. We can get so focused or down on ourselves about what problems getting an ADHD Diagnosis … Continue reading Focus on the Positives

Respecting Your Boundaries

Having healthy boundaries is important. I’m noticing more and more throughout this pandemic friends and acquaintances are getting taken advantage of at work due to the lack of physical boundaries between work and home- especially if they’re salaried employees and not hourly. What do boundaries mean to you? How are yours respected? How do you … Continue reading Respecting Your Boundaries