I get asked all the time what the secret system for people with ADHD is to get organized, manage their time, keep to a schedule, stay motivated- like there’s some blanket system that will work for everyone. I’m sorry to say that that is not the case. Everyone is different. Not a very groundbreaking statement, … Continue reading Sustainability

I Should…

“I should do this...” “This is what X should look like…” “I’m doing X so I should…” Should, should, should… not the most helpful of words. I know, I know, sometimes we just use it in place of “I need to”, “I get to”, “I want to”, or “I have to” when it’s something we … Continue reading I Should…

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

Is it just me, or do you find that when you’re busy you are more motivated to get tasks done because everything is a bit more time sensitive? Tasks like folding the laundry, responding to emails, vacuuming, going grocery shopping- things that we may “put off” now become sort of automatic, or easier, when we’re … Continue reading A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

Possible Pressures Labeling a ‘Routine’ ‘System’ or ‘Schedule’

Sometimes I wonder if what makes committing to and sticking to a routine, schedule, or system- something it seems most people with ADHD are seeking- is putting this label on the collection of tasks that need to happen. It frequently feels like we are searching for this holy grail schedule, routine, or system that we … Continue reading Possible Pressures Labeling a ‘Routine’ ‘System’ or ‘Schedule’

Creating a Routine: A Science Experiment

The “perfect” routine is so elusive yet forever sought after. It’s the culmination of all the things executive dysfunction makes difficult: time management, memory, following through, organization, patience… How on earth is someone with ADHD supposed to come up with their own routine!? Having a routine can be helpful. The brain likes patterns, and it … Continue reading Creating a Routine: A Science Experiment