The Miracle Question

Many in the mental health and wellness industry are familiar with this question, and you may have been asked it from time to time. In case you haven’t, I’ll ask it now. Think about a problem (or group of problems) that has been plaguing you. No matter what you’ve tried so far, the problem(s) persist. … Continue reading The Miracle Question

Getting a Diagnosis

The journey of getting a diagnosis is different for everyone. Some people were diagnosed as kids. Some people don’t get diagnosed until later in life. A diagnosis could come easily, or after years of doctors not figuring out your diagnosis. Getting a diagnosis is met with a lot of different feelings, and all those feelings … Continue reading Getting a Diagnosis

Don’t Take It Personally

This is a hard concept to live by. It’s something way easier said than done, and much harder to remember the moments we need it. If you have Rejection Sensitivity, this is exceptionally hard- or at times even impossible feeling- to accomplish. How much power are you giving to others when you take their words … Continue reading Don’t Take It Personally

Focus on the Positives

There’s a lot of negative assumptions out there about ADHD/ADD. I think people get bogged down on the fact that it’s a lifelong condition, can require drugs, has a name that’s so long that it’s abbreviated, and is misunderstood. We can get so focused or down on ourselves about what problems getting an ADHD Diagnosis … Continue reading Focus on the Positives