Cleaning. It always has to happen. Even when you do it once, you just have to do it again. And again. And again. It’s a never-ending cycle. Knowing that even if you do it once, you’ll just have to do it again can be extremely unmotivating. Is cleaning hard for you? What makes it hard? … Continue reading Cleaning

Focus on the Positives

There’s a lot of negative assumptions out there about ADHD/ADD. I think people get bogged down on the fact that it’s a lifelong condition, can require drugs, has a name that’s so long that it’s abbreviated, and is misunderstood. We can get so focused or down on ourselves about what problems getting an ADHD Diagnosis … Continue reading Focus on the Positives

Allowing Yourself to Fail can be Liberating

Making positive changes in our lives is going to involve some experimentation. We will have to try new things. I know, it’s terrifying, and the unfamiliar is uncomfortable. It can be especially uncomfortable if you have ADHD and need the instant gratification of success and perfection.  We might be telling ourselves, “Change takes time and … Continue reading Allowing Yourself to Fail can be Liberating

Possible Pressures Labeling a ‘Routine’ ‘System’ or ‘Schedule’

Sometimes I wonder if what makes committing to and sticking to a routine, schedule, or system- something it seems most people with ADHD are seeking- is putting this label on the collection of tasks that need to happen. It frequently feels like we are searching for this holy grail schedule, routine, or system that we … Continue reading Possible Pressures Labeling a ‘Routine’ ‘System’ or ‘Schedule’