Tell Me What To Do!

At one point or another, every single client asks me to tell them what to do or give them the answer. I then have to give them the unfortunate news that I am a mere mortal and don’t have all the answers. I wish I did. That would make things so much easier. As an … Continue reading Tell Me What To Do!

Don’t ‘Yuck’ My ‘Yum’: Meeting Your Own Expectations

A lot of people with ADHD are “people pleasers” and want to avoid conflict and have everyone be happy. Sometimes this happens by sacrificing their wants and needs. “My parents want me to have ‘X’ grades, but I’m happy with ‘Y’ grades…” “My partner wants ‘this’ but I want ‘that’...” “My family thinks this job/degree … Continue reading Don’t ‘Yuck’ My ‘Yum’: Meeting Your Own Expectations

Respecting Your Boundaries

Having healthy boundaries is important. I’m noticing more and more throughout this pandemic friends and acquaintances are getting taken advantage of at work due to the lack of physical boundaries between work and home- especially if they’re salaried employees and not hourly. What do boundaries mean to you? How are yours respected? How do you … Continue reading Respecting Your Boundaries