All too often when I meet with clients and ask how they’re doing, one of the first things they say is, “I feel overwhelmed.” If you get overwhelmed frequently, you are not alone. Being overwhelmed is exhausting, and when we get overwhelmed it’s so easy to stay overwhelmed since thoughts and feelings tend to snowball … Continue reading Overwhelm


This week I want to talk about something that intimidates many people both with and without ADHD: self-advocacy. Confrontation is intimidating for a lot of people. Even just speaking up can be a challenge. It requires you to tackle boundaries and people pleasing tendencies. Self-Advocacy is as hard as it is important. You might be … Continue reading Self-Advocacy

Being Told What to Do

There’s just something about being told what to do. Especially if it was something you were going to do, or were just about to do, without being prompted or reminded. It can give the task you were about to do a sudden… unwanted or undesirable quality to it.  How do you like it when people … Continue reading Being Told What to Do