Decisions, Decisions…

I couldn’t decide what I wanted this week’s blog to be. Making decisions can be hard. Maybe I’ve been watching too much of ‘The Good Place’ and Chidi is rubbing off on me. So lets get some awareness on decision-making. We are going to intentionally over-analyze and over-think what goes into the decision making process. … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions…

What do I need today? 

Some days, even when you have all your systems in place, your ducks in a row, your long-term and short-term goals organized, it can all still feel overwhelming. Maybe you need a self-care day, a moment to recharge, or some degree of a break when you’ve reached this overwhelm overload. When it all feels like … Continue reading What do I need today? 

Being Told What to Do

There’s just something about being told what to do. Especially if it was something you were going to do, or were just about to do, without being prompted or reminded. It can give the task you were about to do a sudden… unwanted or undesirable quality to it.  How do you like it when people … Continue reading Being Told What to Do