Managing Ambiguity

It’s quite frustrating when we put so much time and energy into developing a system, routine, and/or schedule and then life comes and throws a wrench in everything. How can we take the time to figure out a system that works for us when everything around us is constantly changing and feels nebulous and ambiguous? It seems contradictory or impossible to come up with a rigid routine that works for us while also allowing it to be flexible so we can roll with whatever life throws our way. Our schedules may constantly be changing and things may feel perpetually ambiguous with no end in sight so it can feel overwhelming.  Let’s break it down and figure out how to tolerate and manage this ambiguous, nebulous disrupt in our systems. 

What’s causing the disrupt in the system? 

How long or temporary is this interruption? Is it here to stay? If so, what does that mean? 

If it’s temporary, what do you need to help tolerate the disrupt? 

Is there a more helpful perspective to take on this new thing?

How has it impacted your system/routine/schedule? 

What are your sources of support to manage this new thing? What sort of help do you need? When do you know when to ask for help, and how will you do it? 

Is the ambiguous thing going to change into a different ambiguous thing? Can we break up the ambiguous, nebulous thing into parts with defined end points? 

What is needed to make things feel less ambiguous? 

How long can things go on as they are before something needs to change? What will the change/breaking point look like? How will you know when it’s coming? 

Is this something that’s happened before? How have you dealt with it? What did or did not work? 

If you have some warning for the upcoming ambiguous new thing, what can we do now to prepare for it? 

Is there any positive, silver-lining meaning to the new thing? 

Can this new, ambiguous, overwhelming thing be broken down into manageable parts? How vague and nebulous is it truly? 

Does this new thing provide any new opportunities or tools that you can utilize and incorporate into a new system? 

We can’t predict the future and may not know when the new thing is going to happen. It will take some time to adjust and re-discover a new system that works. Be patient with yourself. 

How can you remind yourself to be kind to yourself as you adjust to this new system? 

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