What do I need today? 

Some days, even when you have all your systems in place, your ducks in a row, your long-term and short-term goals organized, it can all still feel overwhelming. Maybe you need a self-care day, a moment to recharge, or some degree of a break when you’ve reached this overwhelm overload. When it all feels like too much for whatever reason, check in with yourself. Ask: what do I need today? Or in this moment, hour, minute- however you want to break down your time to make it manageable. We aren’t neglecting our goals; we are just checking in and possibly adjusting task priorities. 

What do you need today? 

Or rather, what do you need within the next few hours? The next hour? The next few minutes? Right now? 

How much time does this most pressing thing need? 

Do you need a buffer time between this thing and getting back to the goal routine? 

What can you do to not completely fall off track with your short- and long-term goals? What is needed? 

What are you telling yourself about this needed routine pivot? Is it helpful, rational, or true? 

What does needing this new thing mean? Do you need to re-assess your routine, systems, schedule, or goals? Is it something you need to work in more frequently? 

How can you remember these things (if they were neglected until they became an emergency)? How can an ‘out of sight out of mind’ thing become more ‘in sight, in mind’? 

How often does your routine need to be interrupted for these more immediate things that make your day-to-day life seem overwhelming? Is there a pattern or connection between the overwhelm/routine change? How are you keeping track of these things? Or how can you keep track of these moments to reflect when they happen? 

So, what do you need today? I know this time of year with the holidays our routines become frequently interrupted. What’s missing or needed? How can you get what you need? 

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