Impulse Shopping

Happy holidays everyone!

I know this is that time of year where there are sales everywhere and so many different reasons to buy things for ourselves and others. Today, Black Friday, is really the kickoff of the spending spree. Well, I suppose the deals have already started and the urge to spend has already been here. Since it is the season of giving, I want to talk about impulse buying.

Is impulse buying a problem you face? What makes it so appealing? What do you get out of it?

When is a purchase not an impulse? What is the difference?

How long do you need to consider a purchase for it to no longer be an impulse? 

How long have you needed the thing you’re considering buying? Or, how long has the person you are buying the thing for needed/wanted it?

How do you know the person you are shopping for wants/needs/would love the thing you are buying?

What questions in the moment do you need to ask yourself before committing to the purchase?

Is it in your budget to buy the thing? Will buying the thing cause problems?

What happens when you impulse buy something? Break up the process. What goes through your mind?

Where in the impulse process can you intervene, or check in with yourself, about the purchase? How can you remember to do this?

What has worked and has not worked in the past to help with your impulse shopping? What about that system made it work or not work? How could it be improved to work?

Is sticking to a list something that is beneficial? Why or why not? If you like the premeditated shopping list, what can you do to help you stick to the list?

Is the impulse shopping different in different settings (such as online shopping versus in person shopping)? Where is the impulse shopping urge stronger? How come it is stronger there?

Are there any other considerations that I’m overlooking to the impulse shopping? Anything you wished I had asked?

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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