When & Where

This week I want to talk about patterns in ADHD symptom presentation. Specifically, if they’re worse during a specific time of day or environment. If you journal, this would be a helpful tool to research and reflect to see if you notice any trends in symptom severity.

Is there a specific time of day your symptoms are worse? Is there a specific time of day your symptoms are better?

What is it about this time of day that makes things better or worse?

What’s happening? What has changed to cause your symptoms to be better or worse?

Can any of the things that make your symptoms better- something you’re doing, something that’s happened, whatever the shift is- be adapted to when your symptoms are worse?

Are your symptoms getting better or worse depending on where you are?

How are your symptoms different at home, at work, at school, with friends, with family, etc.?

What kinds of tasks make you more or less aware of your symptoms? What is it about these tasks that cause the change?

Is it some combination of time and place that makes your ADHD symptoms better or worse?

Are you better/worse in one environment or social setting depending on the time of day? What’s causing the change?

How do you notice when your symptom severity is changing? How could you intervene when your symptoms are worsening?

It may take some time to track and research these patterns. You could utilize a journal, a white board, a notepad, a sticky note, an app, or whatever will be easiest for you that you will stick with. Once you notice the pattern, if there is one, what can you do to help yourself when your symptoms are worse? What do you need? What changes can be made?

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