Our identities are complex and made up of many different facets of our lives. It’s an incredibly broad topic, talking about our identities. I just want to focus on how ADHD plays into identity. How it impacts it, plays a part, influences it- to whatever degree it is a factor, let’s talk about it. This is a bit of a heavier topic so I’m going to keep it short today to allow more time for introspection for each big question.

When you think about your identity, what words/phrases come to mind? What is your identity?

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

How much of a role does ADHD play into your sense of identity? Is it helpful or harmful? How can you tell the difference?

How much power are you giving your ADHD to your identity, and how much power would you like it to have?

Particularly for those of you diagnosed later in life, has your sense of identity changed after you got a diagnosis? Do you like the change if there was one?

What’s coming up thinking about all of this?

Does your sense of identity change from day to day?

What do you need to feel secure in your sense of self?

We cannot ignore our diagnoses, as they are a part of our lives and who we are. How much importance, significance, power, and weight we give them is up to us. We are more than just a diagnosis. Some days it may be harder to remember that than others. Our sense of identity is going to change as we grow. What will it take to reach a secure sense of identity with your ADHD?

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