Not Every Hobby has to be Monetized

This is a more specific example of ‘all or nothing’ thinking. We all have things we love to do for fun. Sometimes we have the need to try and make money off our fun hobby. Perhaps it’s the influence of society and everything needing to be a ‘side hustle’. Perhaps there are feelings of guilt because having fun isn’t “productive”. 

I’m not saying don’t ever try and start a side business or turn a hobby into a career. You absolutely can do this if you feel thus inclined then go for it. This is about checking in with the impulse and fostering awareness of this desire. 

What hobby are you trying to monetize? What’s the appeal of monetizing it? 

What would it take to turn the hobby into a career? Would it make it more fun, or less fun? How will you know when/if it stops being fun? 

How much of this decision is based on the societal expectations of always needing to work? 

Is there anything wrong with doing something just for fun? Does everything need to be productive? 

What would happen if you didn’t monetize it? 

How much time do you like spending on this hobby? 

What do you get out of this hobby? What do you like about it? Will those qualities disappear if it turns into work? 

If you do decide to monetize this hobby, what will it take to stick to it? How will it not be dropped from trying to monetize a new hobby?

What are you telling yourself about needing to be productive? What unwritten rules about needing to be productive do you have for yourself? 

It’s okay for a hobby to just be for fun. Not everything has to be a money-making endeavor. This could be a part of the black-and-white, all-or-nothing type thinking people with ADHD are susceptible to. What can make a hobby fun is the frivolity of it. Having fun is necessary. It’s okay if having fun isn’t “productive” in the traditional sense. Having fun is vital. Enjoy yourself! 

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