Unwritten Rules

Sometimes we unknowingly limit ourselves by living by unwritten rules. These rules at one point or another probably served some purpose, and we may not even know we are living by them anymore because they are so ingrained in our day-to-day lives. Now, we do live in a society, and society has its own unwritten rules as well, and we interpret these rules individually to mean different things. There are also laws that we are governed by, and laws of nature and science that we cannot break, no matter how cool it would be to figure out how to break a law of science and fly, or talk to animals, or something. Let’s talk about our own rules.

Rules can look like concrete statements like no phones at the dinner table, bedtime is 9:30, no dessert unless you eat your veggies, etc. Rules can also look like beliefs that we live by. Things such as: I can’t pull off that outfit, I could never get that job, I can’t dance, waking up before 6:34 is impossible, etc.

What unwritten rules are holding you back?

What unwritten rules are getting in the way of your goals (both long and short-term)?

What purpose did these unwritten rules serve? What purpose do they serve now?

Do they help? How?

Do they hurt? How?

What would happen if you broke the rule?

What would be considered cheating with this rule?

What would it be like if this rule didn’t exist?

What is this rule based on?

How does the rule make you feel?

What truth to this rule is there?

If the rule was gone, what could happen?

What is a different take on this rule?

Can this rule be turned on and off depending on the situation? How would you know when to apply it?

Self-imposed, unwritten rules can have their place, and perhaps were needed for our survival at one point or another. Sometimes we can just get stuck with these rules unknowingly and they get in the way of our goals. It’s okay to have rules. We just don’t have to use the same rules forever. A rule can be temporary. When a rule no longer serves a purpose, we can change the rule or let it go.

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