Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

Figuring out our goals can be overwhelming. Thinking about the big picture goals, and all the things that it will take to accomplish it can make it seem daunting or even impossible. Sometimes it can help to break up that big, long-term goal into little, easily digestible short-term goals. The flip side of this is making too many short-term goals can become overwhelming as well.

What is your long-term goal, and what is the significance of it?

How do you want to manage your long-term goal?

What steps need to be taken to go into your long-term goal? How long does each step take? How do you want to break down each step? When will you know the step has been broken down enough to become manageable?

Where is the line between too many overwhelming short-term goal steps and a helpful amount of short-term goal steps? What makes that line?

How many breaks to you need to account for to mitigate burnout? How will you know when the break is over, and get back into it?

How do you want to be reminded of each step?

How will you know it’s time to move on to the next step?

How could you alter your steps if you make a discovery of what needs to happen along the way?

If you find yourself lacking motivation to work on a step, how could you re-focus on your long-term goal?

What will it mean once this long-term goal is accomplished? How does it impact the big picture?

Also, not everything we want to accomplish has to be a big, long-term goal. Sometimes we just have a short-term goal we want to accomplish, and that’s just fine too. The completion of one short-term goal might make another short-term or long-term goal become apparent.

What is your short-term goal? What is the significance of it?

How many steps will this short-term goal take, and how do you want to break those steps down?

Does labeling it a short-term goal help?

How will you remember to stick to your goal?

What will happen once you accomplish this goal?

What’s kept you from accomplishing this goal? What will be different this time?

How manageable is your timeframe of completing this short-term goal?

It can feel like a lot at times to keep up with all the goals you want to accomplish. Remember to practice self-care along the way. If you mess up know you can keep going. 

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