I’ve talked to people that think it’s silly to motivate yourself with rewards. Personally, I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Rewarding yourself can be great! Rewards can be anything, get creative! You can reward yourself for doing something you haven’t been wanting to do with something you’ve been wanting to do. Rewards can be different forms of self-care (which we all need to practice anyway).

Sometimes we need to be careful on what we use as rewards. Some rewards if used in access can become unhealthy. If I rewarded myself every time I completed a task for work or school with a piece of cake (which would work) I would be terribly sick and unhealthy. We must walk the fine line between self-care and self-destruction when thinking of our rewards.

What are some rewards that work for you? What rewards don’t work?

What are some big rewards? Medium rewards? Little rewards?

How helpful are these rewards? How healthy are they? Where is the line between acceptable treat and unhealthy habit?

What are some rewards you want to try?

How many times can you use this reward before it stops working?

How do you know what reward to use when?

What does it mean to use rewards to motivate yourself? What truth is there to this message?

What does a reward look like? Is it an object? Action? Time? Place? Activity? Event?

What size of a reward do you need for different tasks?

Can any task you currently have be re-branded as a reward using a perspective shift?

Rewards can mean anything. Let’s not think so narrowly about what a reward is. It’s more than just a sweet treat or toy that we may have been bribed with as a child. It can be anything that makes us happy. It can be anything that makes us healthy. It can be anything that brings us peace and calm. It can be anything that makes us laugh. The possibilities are endless! We all have to do things we don’t want to do from time to time. If giving ourselves a reward helps us get these unpleasant but necessary done, then by all means- why not?

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