When to follow the impulse

You never know when inspiration is going to strike. It’s not always at a convenient time and doesn’t always care about your schedule. The inspiration- or impulse- can be about anything. So, how do we know when to stick to the schedule, or fallow the inspirational impulse?

What’s it like to get an impulse to do something, or inspirational thought? How does it feel in the body and mind?

What is the impulse telling you to do? What is it about?

How urgent is this impulse? How relevant is it to the task at hand? Can it wait until you finish what you’re currently doing? Why or why not?

What’s important about the impulse? Is it more important than your current task, or the other tasks on your schedule or to-do list? How do you know?

What’s the difference between an impulse that can wait versus one you have to interrupt your current task to follow? How can you tell the difference?

If you decide it can wait, how distracting is the impulse? Is it interfering with what you’re currently doing? How can you get the impulse out of your system to focus on the task at hand?

How long will it take to physically follow the impulse? Would it take more time to stop your current task, follow the impulse, and go back to the current task? Would it take less time to stick to your current task, then follow the impulse? How do you know what will work better?

If you’re concerned you will forget the brilliant idea your impulse or inspiration has given you, how could you remember it? Do you have a system to keep track of ideas and tasks?

If you drop your current task to follow the impulse, how will you remember to go back to the original task? How do you know you won’t get stuck in an impulse chain of thought and drop the new task for an even newer task?

What’s it like to finish one task then start a new task?

What’s it like following through on a task?

What would it be like to work the impulse into your schedule for a later time? 

How do you like switching tasks? Is it easy or challenging for you? What about it makes it so?

What would be the best system to honor what you want and what you need? How would you prioritize your needs and wants? What’s important about them, and what’s the difference?

If you find that following (or not following) the impulse was the incorrect decision, what could you take away from that experience? How will next time be different? How could you check in with yourself to make sure you are doing what’s best for yourself?

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