A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

Is it just me, or do you find that when you’re busy you are more motivated to get tasks done because everything is a bit more time sensitive? Tasks like folding the laundry, responding to emails, vacuuming, going grocery shopping- things that we may “put off” now become sort of automatic, or easier, when we’re constantly on the go. It’s like that rule: a body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest. Does this apply to you?

What about being the “right” amount of busy helps with task that may otherwise be tedious? Can that logic or motivation be applied when you are the “wrong” amount of busy?

What or where is the line between being overwhelmingly busy, the “right” amount of busy, or not busy enough to be productive? How do you know when you’ve crossed each line? What can get you back to where you want to be?

What does the “right” amount of busy look or feel like? How do you know when you’re there?

Is there a way that our more restful, self-care activities that we need can be thought of as productive, so we don’t lose that productivity motivation? What would that balance look like?

When you aren’t as technically busy, can you apply the strategies you use when we are busy to the few tasks that still need to get done? How could that work? If that wouldn’t work, why wouldn’t it, and what would work?

When you’re too busy, and getting overwhelmed, how do you slow down to a more manageable workload? What would that look like? What is a manageable amount of work versus an unmanageable amount of work?

How much do you want to work? How busy do you want to be? How busy do you need to be? How busy are you now? What needs to happen to make the reality match your dream level of activity?

How long can you sustain your level of business before burnout? What’s your busy-stamina? What does it need to be? How can you increase/decrease to match? How often can you take a break, and how do you find the same energy to accomplish your tasks once the break is over?

We all can’t get it right all of the time, but we can be mindful and try to do a little better every day to take care of ourselves and get closer to accomplishing our lifestyle goals.

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