Cleaning. It always has to happen. Even when you do it once, you just have to do it again. And again. And again. It’s a never-ending cycle. Knowing that even if you do it once, you’ll just have to do it again can be extremely unmotivating.

Is cleaning hard for you? What makes it hard? What would make it easier?

How often do you need to clean? How do you know when it’s time to clean?

If you live with a partner/family/roommate, do you have the same standards of clean? Who is compromising on what? How are tasks divided? Is it fair? Does this system work? What’s missing in this system? What could make it better?

If you live by yourself, what motivates you to clean? What is your standard of clean? How did you come to this acceptable standard?

Do you prefer to do a little cleaning frequently, or extensive cleaning infrequently? What cleaning frequency works for you? What do you like about that frequency? How did you decide on that frequency?

What cleaning tasks are easier to complete than others? What about them makes them easier? What ones are more fun? What about them makes them more fun? What cleaning tasks are hard or unfun? If you can identify what makes a cleaning task hard, are there ways to make it easier or more fun?

What sort of things are you telling yourself about the act of cleaning? When you think “I have to clean” what emotions or thoughts come to mind? Are they helpful? Hurtful? Based on reality?

How long does it take to clean? How long do you think it takes, and how long does it actually take? How much time do you want it to take? Do you experience any time blindness with cleaning? How can we make cleaning fit into your ideal time window?

Why is it important to clean? Who are you cleaning for? What are you cleaning for? How can you remind yourself why cleaning is important when you are putting it off?

How do you feel once you’re done cleaning? Have you ever regretted cleaning? What is needed to keep a cleaning routine that works for you?

In a pandemic, we all know the importance of good hygiene to combat germs. Also, a clean and uncluttered environment contributes to positive feelings. A clean room is a clean mind, as it were. A Less overwhelming, messy environment can lead to less feelings of overwhelm. We all deserve a clean home. We’re worth it.

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