Focus on the Positives

There’s a lot of negative assumptions out there about ADHD/ADD. I think people get bogged down on the fact that it’s a lifelong condition, can require drugs, has a name that’s so long that it’s abbreviated, and is misunderstood. We can get so focused or down on ourselves about what problems getting an ADHD Diagnosis means, we forget about the positive aspects of ADHD.

First of all, getting a diagnosis isn’t a bad thing. You know more about how your brain works! Knowledge is power! By learning about what makes you tick, you can foster more self-awareness and have the opportunity to create strategies and solutions to your problems that are uniquely you! There’s also some validation in case you have experienced any troubling symptoms that before you couldn’t explain. There’s a valid reason for your experiences.

People with ADHD are also incredibly creative. Everyone has a different way to express their creativity, and it could take the form of painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, acting, singing, storytelling, comedy, music, inventions, filming, or even problem solving. Creativity can be expressed in more than just an artistic way. It can take the form of out of the box thinking and one-of-a-kind solutions to problems. It can also be just a creative, unique way of thinking- offering a different perspective that not everyone is seeing.

People with ADHD can also thrive where others struggle. In high stress, chaotic situations that may overwhelm a neurotypical individual, an individual with ADHD will thrive. Different levels of environmental stimulation work for different people.

An ADHD person’s ability to hyper focus is a double-edged sword, but let’s focus on what is awesome about it. When an ADHD individual finds something, they are passionate about, they can hyper focus on the task at hand and create something amazing. Not stopping on a task until it is done can be a great thing.

ADHD Individuals can also be a lot more energetic. That energy can be mental, physical, and/or emotional. Having lots of energy to get your work done throughout the day is great! I know as someone with fibromyalgia and very limited energy, I wish I had the energy ADHD can provide to fuel productivity.

A lot of people are afraid to be spontaneous. This is not always the case with ADHD individuals. That fear of the unknown, and ability to act quickly is an amazing gift. Action provides opportunities.

How are you creative? What are your strengths? What sort of environment do you thrive in? How has your ADHD helped you? What do you hyper focus on? What gives you energy? What experiences have you had because you aren’t afraid to be spontaneous?

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