Nighttime Routine

Maybe this blog topic is motivated because I’m already tired on the Wednesday afternoon that I’m writing this and want to go to bed. At the end of the day, sometimes its hard to find the energy to do all the little things you need to get done. The less of a routine and prep you do in the evening; the more work may be present in the morning. A good nighttime routine can help streamline the morning routine which can help productivity throughout the day and possibly allow you to have more energy at night- and the cycle continues. It’s an upward spiral versus a downward spiral.

One of my personal motivators to do things I don’t want to do in the moment is to tell myself that my future-self will thank me for doing this now. Would doing things for your future-self motivate you to get some boring tasks over with? If not, what would?

Another possible motivator: the more you do the night before, the less you have to remember to do in the morning. You may even be able to sleep in a few more minutes depending on what you’re able to get done the night before!

What do you want to do in the evenings that isn’t getting done? What do you wish you could do? What does your future-self wish your past-self has done?

Is there a fun way to make a game out of the nighttime hygiene tasks that need to get done? What would help you get those done? Would that work for any other chores that need to get done? What would work?

Is working out in the evenings something you want to do? What’s keeping you from doing it? How will future-you feel after you exercised? Is there a reward that would motivate you for completing the workout?

Is there a tool that’s missing from your life that would make accomplishing your nighttime goals easier? What is it? How can you get it?

Would it help to pack your work items and plan out your outfit the night before? What about these work-prepping tasks does or does not apply to you?

What else could your present-self do to help out your future-self? What are some things your now present-self is reflecting on that your past-self has done that have helped you out in the long term? What would it take to figure out where your routine gaps are? How can you bridge those gaps?

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